Welcome to my page! Here you will find my portfolio and process work! With my works I try to play with expectations, playing with the painting both on the inside, outside and around the work as well. I started to move more into the digital realm in my 3rd year of KABK, then it was more about playing with both methods of painting and digital prints which I placed together to create a relationship between the two. During this last year I tried to bring the digital works even more into the physical space and started to combine both methods in the same works. So I work in a program called pro-create on my Ipad and then I used the textile printer in the academy to bring the works out. Then I usually continue with paint on top which creates a weird illusion in the end where you are not always sure what is printed and what is painted. What I like so much with it being on fabric instead of paper is the way I can play with the stretching and letting the fabric flow or hang in different ways. What goes in to the works becomes a sort of dreamy, trippy, other dimension. Where we get some snapshots from a scene playing out. Some words I like to describe the content and what I play with would be: fantasy, sci-fi, camp/kitch, hallucinations, dreams, movies, comics, music. The way I make my compositions is to guide the eyes so you can follow a flow in the image. Things are moving and coming in and out of the frame in a loop. I want it to be an experience to watch. To go to my main webpage follow this link: https://simonsjoholm.cargo.site/